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Hey, have you ever encountered any type of illness after having meals outside? Then you must immediately consult your doctor because this may be a food illness. There are more than 250 different food illnesses and each year 48 million people get sick from such foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized, and 3,000 dies, and these days it’s getting even worse.

👱‍♂️Me encountering the problem

❓Problem: How can we overcome food illnesses?

📑Solution: Home-cooked food — meal kits

🧐Why not any other solution?

  • Direct delivery of hygienically cooked food
  • Buy groceries and cooking at home
  • Ordering groceries

The reason for supporting a particular solution is its multiple benefits over other solutions, like:

  • Enhancement of creativity
  • Activity of entertainment
  • Meal kits being convenient to cook

🤔Need for such service in India?

  • Obesity in India has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century, with morbid obesity affecting 5% of the country’s population, raises the need for healthy eating. -Combat obesity
  • A person working in India typically earns around 31,900 INR per month. And his goals are income savings, nutritious food, and time-saving. (middle-class employee).

❓Why a Mobile application?

  • Mobile phones being much handy
  • Order anything with just a few taps on the screen
  • Easy means of communication

🧢My Role

Design Process Followed

📚1.Secondary Research

key research findings :

  • The average cost for a meal at a restaurant is $20.7 and for a meal-kit is $12.53 and shop from groceries store cost around $4
  • The biggest food resolution to eat healthier was taken in 2019 by 53% population
  • Less amount of calories, Sodium, and fats in home-cooked food than in outside foods
  • Home-cooked much safer and way healthier
  • There is an increasing demand for meal kits by 51%
  • Avoid food allergies and sensitivities
  • Home- cooking is cheaper and saves a lot of money
  • Save time by skipping grocery shopping trips with meal kits
  • Meal kits are convenient and you can try a lot of recipes without going to a restaurant
  • “Almost 1 in 10 people in the world fall ill after eating contaminated food and 420 000 dies every year, resulting in the loss of 33 million healthy life years. “ WHO

📚2.Primary Research

User survey

The number of users taken for the questionnaire was 5 users ( 2 females and 3 males).

The following were the questions asked:

  1. How much often you go out to eat?
  2. Do you find outside food to be healthier?
  3. Do you prefer eating outside or home-cooked food?
  4. The major reason for your choice?
  5. Do you like to cook with meal kits?

Quantitative Analysis

Number of responses: 16 responses

2.Do you think outside food is good for your body?

Number of responses: 12 responses

3.How often do you fall ill after eating out?

Number of responses: 16 responses

4.A major reason for eating outside food?

Number of responses: 9 responses

5.Rate the need for healthy food?

Number of responses: 9 responses

6.Are you aware of meal-kits?

Number of responses: 16 responses

7.Will you prefer to cook at home if provided with pre-prepared and measured ingredients (Meal kits)?

Number of responses: 16 responses

🙋‍♂️1.User Persona

Jacob Jones, Age: 22 years

Jacob is a student and lives at a private hostel. He is a health-oriented person and doubts about food hygiene to eating outside. He has found an alternative that is to cook his food but failed as he didn’t know anything about cooking.

Core Needs of Jacob:

  • Wants hygienic and healthy food
  • Needs something easy to cook as he is concerned about the time
  • Wants to cook but needs some guidance
  • He wants to keep a count of calorie intake

Frustrations of Jacob:

  • Don’t know to cook
  • Afraid of adulterated and unhealthy food outside
  • No availability of hygienic food

🙋2.User Persona

Darlene Robertson, Age: 28 years

Darlene is a professional architect and lives in California. She has been to various countries and is curious about experiencing new things. Leading a busy life She always goes with simple dishes. Since she has recently promoted, the workload has increased and thus she is forced to order from out. So, she is worried about her diet and fitness.

Core Needs of Darlene:

  • Manage her two goals (i.e. Profession and fitness)
  • Needs something simple and fast cooking food
  • Wants to follow her diet
  • Wants to explore new dishes

Frustrations of Darlene:

  • Forced to order food from outside
  • Heavy workload
  • No time to cook under a busy schedule

🚩Empathy Mapping

📌Consumer Journey Map

🔖Key Insights

  • Overcome food-illnesses
  • Need for food safety
  • Demand for meal kits
  • Make home-cooking convenient

👉🏻Redefining the problem statement

How can we make the home-cooking experience interesting, simplified, convenient, and enjoyable? to overcome food illnesses.

👉🏻Redefining the solution statement

Designing an app that makes cooking easy, fast, and tasty.

3.🙌🏻Competitor Analysis


  • Availability
  • Search Flexibility
  • Explore Global and Local cuisines
  • Post your work to get motivation
  • Get notified
  • select recipes and add ingredients to shopping list easily
  • Share shopping lists
  • Customizes recipes
  • On app purchases
  • Calorie count
  • Subscription flexibility


To order and cook their meal kits easily

User Flow or Task flow

Information Architecture

This is a rough flow for organizing content to get a better understanding required for clear navigation in further processes.



Style Tile

5.📱High Fidelity Wire-frames

🍲Your groceries on the way (animated by me)

Home Screen

Design challenges :

  • Incorporate features
  • Proper navigation
  • Overcome accessibility issues
  • Provide apt flexibility
  • Familiar iconography

Design solution :

Community Page

  • Like and follow communities easily

Design solution :

Product Page

Design challenges :

  • Checklist for ingredients (feature)
  • Legibility issues
  • Layout of information

Design solution :

Create your community and post recipes Page

Design challenges :

  • Form page structure
  • Reduce cognitive load while uploading posts

Design solution :

Favorites Page

Design challenges :

  • Layout, easy to add and remove
  • Accessible

Design solution :

Cart Page

Design challenges :

  • Clear and legible Order summary
  • Item settings (Easy to modify and increase quantity)

Design solution :

Profile Page

Design challenges :

  • Easy to edit and accessible settings

Design solution :

Payments Page

Design challenges :

  • Selection flexibility to users
  • Proper layout for features

Design solution:

Subscription Page

Design challenges :

  • Easy to take and cancel a subscription
  • Maintain hierarchy

Design solution:

Other Screens


  • Full filling the existing demand for meal kits (51%) and further scaling up
  • Overcoming of various food-illnesses
  • Increasing cost-savings up to 77%
  • Increase in healthy eating by 51%
  • Increase in family time by 41%


🗝️Key learnings

  • Understood that designing a full-fledged application is highly complicated and requires a high degree of iterations.
  • Accommodating all the required features has been a challenging task.
  • The research phase was interesting as I got to interact with user thoughts and opinions.
  • I think I need to improve my user interface as well as user experience skills to make my idea reflect better on an app so that it can solve problems more efficiently. Because life is is a lesson of constant learning.

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